(If you will be visiting Raleigh-Durham and are seeking a place to stay, try the Housing page.)

For Frankie 100 NC, we need your help, locals. We have dozens of dancers coming from all around the East Coast, and we may not get enough hosts, so I beg you Triangle dancers to seriously consider hosting.

This is a neat tradition in modern swing dancing, where the visitors are hosted by the local dancers when they come for a weekend-long event. This concept is generally called housing. The main purpose for housing is of course to make traveling to dance weekends more affordable (enabling even more traveling). Secondary–and very real–reasons include getting a chance to get to know other interesting people with our common interests.

I’ve been hosted about twenty times when I traveled to dance weekends: many times with people who have never traveled for dancing, and over half the time with hosts that I didn’t know before that weekend.  If you travel to an event in the Southeast, you will likely see these same people again, or you might get to stay with them.

What we need from you are simply beds, couches, air mattresses, and rectangles of floor space (for guests’ sleeping bags or air mattresses). Housing guests don’t expect to get nice beds or any meals served, they are just happy to have a cheap place to sleep and shower between the weekend’s events. I’d encourage you to eat out (or in) with them, but that’s up to you.

During the May 23-25 event, most guests will want to stay Friday and Saturday nights, and some may want to stay on the Sunday night before Memorial Day. If you can only offer certain nights, just note that in your sign-up.

You can sign up to host for Frankie100NC here.

Please watch the main Housing page for information such as when housing will be assigned.

A weekend event called Dirt Cheap Blues wrote a nice primer on expectations and advice for hosts, on the right side of that page.

If you have any questions, please talk to me in person, on email, or on Facebook.

Kirk Eisenbeis


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